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The Scientific Key To Giving Her Multiple Orgasms

Only 47 per cent of women have ever had multiple orgasms, according to a new study from researchers at Indiana University and the sex-ed site OMGYES.


Want to change that?

Researchers asked the women who have multiple orgasms exactly how they do it. Their big secret: they dial back the clitoral stimulation after their first climax.


First, some background. Three-quarters of women either need or prefer clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, according to the study.


But for many women, the clitoris gets so sensitive after climax that continuing to touch it can feel uncomfortable or painful.


That’s why many women think they can’t have multiples: because she needs clitoral stimulation to come, but continuing to touch her clitoris after her first orgasm hurts, the researchers note.


If your partner wants to try for round two, you can work around her post-climax sensitivity. Instead of touching her clitoris with the same intensity that you did to get her off the first time, use a lighter pressure or slower motions, which is what many of the subjects say works for them.


You can also use a technique the researchers call layering, which involves stimulating her clitoris through the hood that covers it or other surrounding skin rather than touching it directly.

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