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This is the Sex Position Almost 40% of Women Hate

There are some sex positions that while providing us guys with amazing views and accessibility, that women absolutely hate. 

Men’s Health asked 1,111 Women’s Health readers what they think is the most overrated sex position and the results were clear: 39 per cent of women voted reverse cowgirl, with doggy style coming in second with 28 per cent of the votes.

Notice a pattern? 

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But what’s so bad about reverse cowgirl? It has a lot to do with the awkward angle. While your woman is bopping around, her view consists of staring at your hairy feet while living in fear knowing that one small slip and she’ll snap you in two.

You don’t have to remove it from your sex playbook completely because variety is important, but proceed with caution. Tell her how hot she is so she stays connected with you as she’ll be facing away with no eye contact.

To make it a more enjoyable experience for her, hang a strategically placed mirror somewhere in the bedroom to give her something nicer to look at than your feet. 

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