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Living The Simple Life Is The Key To Success

There are two obvious and common themes I find when interviewing, coaching and speaking with people at the top of their game. The first is the simplicity with which they can articulate their goals, their journey and their next step; the second is that they all play by their own version of the same rules. Life is a game and it’s the hardest game you’ll ever play but the rules to the game are simple, learn these and suddenly the game becomes winnable.

In business, family or fitness there is a basic template that all successful people employ in pursuit of their goals. Sure, it gets adapted, labelled differently and altered to suit but the fundamentals remain. Here are three basic rules you can implement immediately:

Establish Direction

Whether it is an unrealistic dream, an intention for the day or a short-term goal; establish a direction. We all understand the concept that if we don’t know what we’re working towards we won’t work for it, but nine out of ten of us cannot succinctly state what we want.

Establish a specific, clear and well-defined goal or destination.

Plan your Journey

The act of aspiring to any goal, when broken down into its basics, is simply a project. Planning is the single most important aspect of efficient project management. Without an adequate plan we don’t know the next step, we don’t know why we are doing the current step and we won’t know if we need to alter our journey.

Create a flexible plan.

Play the game smarter

Those at the top of the game are simply more efficient with their pursuit. They implement their daily routines to play the rules of the game so well that they achieve more with the resources provided. Play any game at this level and eventually the results will show.

Improve your daily routines.

Quit complicating it. Life is simple. Learn the rules to win the game.

Michael Puhle is an Australian High-Performance Speaker, Executive Coach, and CEO of Words With Oz.

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