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The Viral TikTok Recipes That Are Worth Attempting At Home

Two things you can be sure of in this life: that your bedside table comprises of the dog-eared book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, and the only kitchen recipe book you have is Ottolenghi, despite fearing to attempt any of the recipes it contains. For most, our forays into the world of cooking were ill-fated attempts at recreating dishes we saw on TV, the things Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay made look all too easy, only for us to stuff something up along the way and deliver something more akin to a kitchen nightmare. 

Though it used to be the case that TikTok was the go-to platform for a viral dance craze or makeup trend, for those who aren’t looking to brush up on their dance skills, there’s still much to be gained from the social platform. As far as we’re concerned, we’re not scrolling past the recipes as thanks to a handful of TikTok stars, their recipe hacks and sensational bakes have made the world of cooking look so much more inviting (and, most importantly, seemingly fool-proof). 

Some of it is rather bizarre and yes, some of the recipes we definitely won’t be trying at home, but there’s also a number of viral recipes that deserve such gold-star status. These are the recipes that you can’t stuff up, even if you’re someone who reads a cake recipe requiring “2 eggs” and sees you put the entire egg, shell and all, into the batter (a true story). Simply watch and replicate, and then enjoy. 

Tomato and feta pasta

Because who can go wrong with pasta? This is the ultimate game-changer, a recipe that sees either goats cheese, feta or Philadelphia used with tomatoes to create the creamiest, most delicious pasta you’ll ever taste. A shell-shaped pasta like conchiglie will hold the cream sauce nicely, but you can also use something like penne or fusilli. Simply follow the directions, throw in some basil, and then plate up.

Egg-pan sandwich

We can already feel our mouths watering at this one. If you hate the idea of washing up after cooking, this recipe will change your life. Basically, you add the bread as you make an omelette in the pan, wrapping it around whatever fillings you fancy as you make a one-pan French toast sandwich hybrid – truly, it’s genius. TikToker Gus McVean even designed one that’s high protein and rather healthy, and the best part is you can change the fillings to suit your taste. 

Avocado tortilla wrap hack

Chicken, bacon and avocado – a love language. This genius recipe will change the way you think of the tortilla wrap for the foreseeable future. Basically, you cut a line from he centre of the wrap to one edge, fold it into quarters, and ensure the filling is evenly spread. Every bite delivers a flavour sensation to the mouth. 

White choc and raspberry baked oats

As the colder months are upon us, it’s nice to have something warm to indulge in and this recipe involving white chocolate and raspberry baked oats is a winner. There are countless versions out there on TikTok, covering everything from lemon drizzle to triple choc brownie and carrot cake. You can play around with them all, but we personally love this one. 

Sheet pancakes

Everyone’s favourite cheat day meal has been elevated to a new level with the sheet pancake. These oven-baked pancakes are genius, taking away the hard part of labouring over a stove and being the designated person to constantly flip the pancakes as your friends get to sit down and stuff their mouths. You can also decorate them with anything you fancy, like chocolates bananas, berries or lemon and sugar. 

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