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TikTok’s Viral ‘Cake Check Challenge’ Will Ensure You Never Skip Leg Day Again

TikTok is far from just another social media platform where you go if you want to be made to feel old by Gen Zers. It’s also a well of highly creative fitness challenge videos which frequently end up going viral, and if there is one thing we’ve all needed while training from home over the last year, it’s a way to inject some fun and novelty into our workouts.

Previous videos which swept the ‘Tok include the “flexibility challenge”, which involves taking off a hoodie with your foot, and the core-busting variation on the handstand challenge where you have to mimic the movements of a clock face.

The latest TikTok fitness fad doesn’t involve doing anything other than lying face down on the floor—but whether or not you pass depends on how much working out you’ve been doing previously. In “cake check challenge,” participants lay down in the gym while somebody pushes a barbell over their legs from behind. The aim is to see, as the bar rolls upwards, whether it will bounce off your butt, or glide right over your glutes.

The video footage is usually accompanied by an appropriately bootylicious backing track, like the highly suggestive ‘Birthday Cake’ by Rihanna, ‘Cake’ by Flo Rida, or ‘Anaconda’ by Nicki Minaj, which of course samples the original ode to big butts, ‘Baby Got Back’ by Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Fitness pro and former UFC fighter Bobby Maximus took on the cake check challenge this week in an Instagram video set to ‘Anaconda,’ and aced the test—perhaps unsurprisingly as somebody who advocates for “leg day every day.”

The cake check challenge is a reminder that men obsess over their butts too. And you definitely should be thinking about your butt when programming workouts. Building strong glutes has serious postural benefit, stabilising your pelvis and helping to protect your lower back. Strong, thick glutes are also a key driver of athleticism; they’ll make you a faster runner and a more powerful leaper.

If you want to build up your behind, you’re going to need to start working your glutes more. Great butt-building exercises for beginners include the goblet squat and kettlebell swing, but it’s important to build variety into your glutes training in order to target your lower body cake muscles.

Via Men’s Health UK.

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