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These Are The Top Men’s Style Trends For 2019, According to Pinterest

As 2018 finally wraps up, it’s time to say goodbye to some questionable fashion choices and welcome what 2019 has to offer in the style space. Luckily, Pinterest has a bit of intel into what might catch our eye next year. The social media platform has already started to record the trends that are suddenly receiving an influx of searches, so we can expect to see a whole lot of them next year. 

Light wash denim

A trend that seems to come back every now and then, light-wash denim is back at it again. Searches for light-washed denim are up 70 per cent.

One strap bags

Forget backpacks and satchels, one strap bags might be a favourite in the next 12 months. Searches for sling bags are up 1184 per cent.

Old school watches:

Vintage watches will never go out of style, but 2019 could signal an influx of guys choosing classics over modern tech. Searches for vintage watches are up 98 per cent.

Mismatched prints

While clashing tops and bottoms is never advised, if ever a time to test the waters, now could be it – pinstripe and polka dots might just go together after all. Searches for mismatched prints are up 89 per cent.

The faded haircut

We’ve previously covered this: Celebrities are now turning to the slick back hair with fade on the sides – neat, tidy and timeless. Searches for French crop haircuts are up 84 per cent.

Corduroy is back

Perhaps the most notable trend, corduroy is officially making a return. We’ve seen glimpses of it in 2018, but now the comfortable material will return to our shelves. Searches for corduroy are up 507 per cent. 

Showing off ankles

In 2018, hipsters introduced us to this trend. However, slowly but surely, cropping your pants has become a more socially accepted look. Risk it for the biscuit? Searches for cropped trousers are up 671 per cent.

Add a scarf

Regardless of the look – plain or patterned – in 2019, we’ll see scarves in the street, keeping our necks warm. Searches for neck scarves are up 29 per cent.


Most people won’t be familiar with tartan, but it’s effectively a checkered patten – think your classic lumberjack in a flanno. However, this time we’ll see it below the waist. Searches for tartan trousers are up 267 per cent. 

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