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This is The Type of Guy That Lasts The Longest During Sex


Everyone thinks they’re a sex god who can go all night – even you.

But if I learned anything about probability in my high school maths class (I ended up a journalist – go figure), it’s that not every guy who claims they have an eight inch penis and can have sex for hours on end are telling the truth.

However according to a new study from Turkey’s Erciyes University, there is a group of men who last longer than any other, and you definitely aren’t going to like it (or believe it). 

And that group is? Obese men.

Good god, I can hear the trolls already. “This is a health site! What the hell are you thinking promoting obesity?!”

Before I continue, let me reiterate that obesity is detrimental to your health and is proven to increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. I am in no way promoting obesity. And, as the old saying goes, don’t shoot the messenger boy.

The study, aptly named “Insight on pathogenesis of lifelong premature ejaculation: inverse relationship between lifelong premature ejaculation and obesity,” found heavier men have a much higher amount of estradiol in their bodies.

If you weren’t aware, estradiol is a female sex hormone which can also delay the male orgasm. So simply put: the heavier you are, the more estradiol you’re going to have in your body, and the longer you’re going to last in bed.

But just how much longer do obese guys last compared to an average one?

A whopping 1.5 minutes, that’s how much longer!

But don’t get any ideas: this doesn’t give you permission to hit up McDonalds after work in the name of maintaining your godlike sexual prowess. 

Eating well and staying fit is still the number one tip for stronger erections – but in terms of lasting longer? Remember how angry reading overweight guys can last longer than you made you feel, then picture those overweight guys naked.

That’ll be enough to buy you a few more minutes.

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