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Women With This Personality Trait Are 70% More Likely to Cheat on You

Ask any guy the two most desirable qualities they’re after in a woman and they’ll probably say brains and beauty.

“If she’s smart, she’ll be smart enough not to cheat on me,” you tell yourself. But it turns out that simply isn’t true, as a shocking new survey has revealed the more intelligent the woman, the more likely she is to stray.

Extra-marital dating site Victoria Milan quizzed more than 150,000 active users on their education levels. Surprisingly, the results show that females who have completed high school and obtained an undergraduate degree are 70 per cent more likely to cheat on their partner than a high-school dropout.

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“People with university credentials are the ones most likely to have an affair and those with limited education are the most faithful,” says Sigurd Vedal, founder and CEO of Victoria Milan.

“What this tells us is that highly educated people are likely to have more time on their hands, while the working class are too busy making ends meet to have time for a sexy fling,” he said.

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