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This Salad Dressing Could Spark Your Sex Life

Ready to kill two birds with one stone? Best start using olive oil because amazing new research has found that it’ll also boost your erection. 

A new study published by the University of Athens has found that olive oil could be more beneficial than viagra when it comes to your sex life. 

After analysing a group of more than 600 men, scientists found that those on olive oil rich diets had less problems with sexual performance. Researchers put this down to healthier blood vessels, supporting circulation, even to the penis. 

Meanwhile, consuming at least nine tablespoons weekly resulted in less chance of impotence and significantly higher levels of testosterone. 

Findings also suggest the Mediterranean diet could cut the risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 40 per cent. 

“Long term lifestyle habits on diet and exercise seems to have a major impact on not only our arteries but our quality of life, including sexual capacity from middle-age to elderly population,” says lead researcher Dr. Christina Chrysohoou, from the University of Athens. 

“Consuming olive oil and sticking to a Med diet keeps a man’s bedroom chances high.”

There are also implications for long-term health. 

“This is a drug free solution that allows men to keep their sexual function. But also a long-term answer to protecting a man’s ability to perform in the bedroom,” continues Dr Chrysohoou.

“Viagra does not improve something long-term, it can only give some short effect in order to have sexual capacity”

“It keeps your blood vessels healthy and helps men maintain sexual function. And of all of the components of the Med diet, it is the olive oil that has a specific effect on aortic dilatation and sexual function as well,” she said.”

So next time you can’t get it up, just remember to start adding more olive oil to your salads. 

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