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Watch Strongman Eddie Hall Punch an Olympic Gymnast as Hard as He Can

Unless your nickname is “The Mountain,” it’s probably a safe assumption that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a punch from former ‘World’s Strongest Man’ Eddie Hall. Mounting evidence suggests that it won’t end well for most mere mortals: In October, for instance, Hall socked his boxing trainer in the chest so hard that the poor lad later coughed up blood.

Still, that hasn’t stopped a certain breed of masochist and/or fitness YouTuber from stepping up to receive a shot from the legendary 6’3″, 350-pound strongman, even when—in this case—they happen to be a relatively compact 5’6,” 132-pound Olympian.

In Hall’s latest video, retired gymnast and former bronze medalist Nile Wilson volunteers as tribute to take a free shot to the gut from the man who once deadlifted 1,102 pounds. The clip begins with Wilson taking the first shot at Hall, who barely flinches, though he does… fart, of course. After they, ahem, clear the air, Hall offers Wilson a few words of consolation.

“The thing is, mate, I train—with my training, I’ll hang on a bar and my training partner will smash me in the gut. Obviously, as you can see, I’ve also got a massive wall of thick muscle there,” he says, flexing his abs.

Then, it’s time to get in the ring for a brief sparring session before the main event. Hall shows off some impressive agility, bobbing and weaving while Wilson tries with very limited success to land a jab. Finally, it’s time for Wilson to face the music.

Hall begins with just a simple jab to the chest, which sends Wilson—even while wearing protective gear around his midsection—straight to the ground. “My brain hit the back of my head,” he says. Hall then begins a slow, painful progression of intense shots to the gut—in 20 percent increments, while Wilson agonises over each blow. By the time he punches at 80 percent, Wilson fully elevates off the ground, landing on his back just shy of the ropes. (Wisely, they seem to have put the “100 percent strength” body shot on hold.)

As a display of pure, raw power, it’s a sight to behold—and puts into perspective just how much force an athlete of Hall’s stature puts behind each shot to the body. It’s also a worrying preview of what’s to come when Hall squares off against fellow strongman Thor Bjornsson later this year.

“If a heavyweight boxer hit you, he wouldn’t be doing that. I’ve got the bodyweight to put into it,” Hall says, adding that even heavyweight boxers like Tyson Fury typically fight closer to 115 kilograms (250 pounds). That’s enough to scare off Wilson for the rest of the day—and perhaps the rest of his life. “I will see you…never again,” Wilson jokes, as the video ends. “We’ll just keep texting.”

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