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Crush Your Core With Just Two Water Bottles

P.T Payl Sklar found resistance in an unusual place: a couple of water bottles. Taking to Instagram, Sklar shared a quarantine-friendly core workout that requires just a pair of cylinder shaped objects such as water or even some soup cans. 

So what’s he thinking? Well Sklar has adapted the classic boxing punch rotation routine to turn the bottles into makeshift weights. 

Begin with your feet just outside hips-width, gripping the bottles with your palms facing down. By squeezing your lower body and core, you’ll create tension throughout your body. 

Get into a guard position – your hands in front of your chest at shoulder height. While your feet are planted, rotate your torso as you punch one arm at a time – maintaining shoulder height. 

Increase the speed to get a greater workout while insuring your hips don’t rotate. Aim for 20 reps.

Next, without taking a rest and dropping your ams, crank out another 20 reps but this time punching at eye-heigh. 

Go for 10 sets, with 30 second breaks between. Try and keep that intensity up the entire way through. 

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