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CrossFit Champ Mat Fraser’s Breakfast Will Make You Drool

What does it take to fuel a top CrossFit champion? A solid breakfast, according to Mat Fraser’s partner Sammy Moniz.

On her Instagram account @feedingthefrasers, Moniz revealed breakfast is important in their household because “it sets the tone for the day.” Moniz previously told that she spends nearly as much time cooking for Fraser as CrossFit’s “Fittest Man on Earth” spends training.

“Can’t start the day with dry scrambled eggs and plain toast, you might as well go back to bed, what’s the point?!” she wrote in a Monday Instagram post.

The post showed phyllo breakfast hand pies stuffed with spinach, sun dried tomatoes, bacon, and eggs. The recipe is listed in the caption of Moniz’ Instagram post, and will definitely take more time than your normal muffin or protein drink. Although Moniz dedicates extra time to cook breakfast in the morning, you can prep ingredients in advance, she writes. Thankfully, these freeze and reheat well, so you could also meal prep on Sunday for a week’s worth of breakfast, according to Moniz.

“In the morn while you’re sipping your coffee and getting ready to head out the door, pop em in the oven for a few minutes to reheat and re-crunch them.. BOOM, have a great fcking day!”

It seems that Fraser and Moniz are fond of hearty breakfasts. On September 25, Moniz shared a recipe of apple ricotta pancakes topped with bacon butter. She previously posted an indulgent salted brioche cinnamon recipe baked for Fraser to keep him fueled while she was away. 

Fraser’s breakfasts may seem a bit heavy, but that’s because an athlete of his level needs the calories.

Nutritionist EC Synkowski, level-four CrossFit coach, previously told that Fraser likely eats between 20 to 25 calories per pound of body weight, or roughly 4,750 calories a day. In comparison an average guy of his size who works out once a day would eat about 3,000 calories, Synkowski estimates.

Even though Fraser’s indulgent breakfasts may not fit your needs, there’s no denying they make an awesome cheat meal.

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health US.

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