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What Makes A Guy Unbeatable In Bed, According To Women

Look, the chances are if you’ve clicked on this article, you’re already on the right track to great sex. Your either open minded and looking to pick up some tips to up your sex game, or you’re an internet troll who I’m sure will sound off in the comments section.

But to the former, the open minded gents who are constantly striving towards sexual perfection, we have some pearls of wisdom for you fresh from the women of Reddit. The popular thread titled “What makes a guy amazing in bed” has received over 500 responses from women all over the world giving us a very detailed, and often graphic, insight into the female brain. And while most are unpublishable, there are some genuine helpful hints from our female friends.

While most women agree that confidence and a sense of humour are key to legendary sexual performance in the bedroom, there are some specifics. In the name of research, we’ve compiled them for you below. Happy learning, and even happier sex, to all of you and your lucky ladies.


Don’t Forego The Foreplay

“Sex is best when we are sufficiently warmed-up. A.K.A, we’ve gotten wet enough. So foreplay; it’s about making us feel like we’re the sexiest things you’ve ever seen or tasted. It’s why many of us like Edward or Mr. Darcy. (??)”

– A since deleted account

Have Fun

“If you’re having fun, I’m having fun, so freaking SMILE. I hate being with guys who are so focused on the task at hand that they look like they’re taking a Quantum Physics exam.

Am I making you happy? Then show it!”

– @Boston_Pinay

Pace It Out With Confidence

“Watch your tempo. Deliberate movements. Go slowly sometimes, and always try to have a decent footing. I appreciate that either they don’t say stupid/dirty things or that if they do talk, not project us into something else other than reality. ( I don’t like being called a dirty little whore thanks) Remember that women like to know you’re enjoying yourself but also want you to care that they are being pleased.”

– @Picabrix

“Confidence and a willingness to take control. Seriously flip me the fuck over.”

– @madelinecn

Listen To Her

“If she asks for you to do something, do it. There is nothing worse when I specifically want something and ask for it and a guy hesitates.”

– A since deleted account

“We’re all different. Different things get us off. There is no one thing that gets us all off. Nope. Not even cunnilingus. So when we say something feels awesome, or better yet, shake and tremble and our eyes roll up in our heads… Remember what you did. Rinse and repeat.”

– Another since deleted account

Talk It Out

“An ability and willingness to communicate about wants and needs and desires, to ask questions, without being afraid of being judged or being judgmental, and a willingness to accept the answers. Being communicative about pleasure, whether it’s noticeable physical reactions or being vocal, I want to know that you’re into it.”

– @DrKinkenstein

Let Her Assist

“Lots of women can’t or don’t climax with just penetration. They need clitoral stimulation. Try doggie-style and other positions where she can reach her own clitoris and stimulate herself while you get yours on. It really is that easy.”

– @buskirkgirl2

Size Doesn’t Matter, Clit Stimulation Does

“Ever notice how the popular sex-toys for women aren’t gargantuan dildoes? No, they are the ones that provide the best clitoral stimulation and/or are at the optimum curve to reach the g-spot.”

– A since deleted account

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