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What To Buy Your Girlfriend For Valentines Day, Based on How Long You’ve Been Together

With the festive season finally behind us, another gift-giving holiday is slowly approaching: Valentine’s Day. And this one’s a tricky one. So follow this handy guide to help you avoid going for chocolates and flowers three years into a relationship. 

3 months

Instax Mini 9

Help her start her collection of loved-up photos with an instant camera. Whether she’s pinning them to a cork board or keeping them in her wallet, make sure there’s plenty of you and her. It’s a fun, thoughtful gift that doesn’t scream i’m ‘lost without you’ after only a couple months.

Instax Mini 9


Gold Class Movie Tickets

You’re still in the honeymoon period – three months in. You’ve reached the stage where you’re expected to spend money on a great experience without setting the standard too high. You can’t go wrong with Gold Class Tickets. Plus, you get to go as well. 

Event Cinemas

Event Cinemas

Little Succers Cactus

While most hopeful romantics will lean towards a bouquet, little known fact: women don’t want flowers for Valentine’s Day. Keep them for when you want to surprise her at work after she gets that promotion or starts a new job. Instead, opt for a cactus – they’re low maintenance and won’t go brown after a week. 

Little Suckers Succulent

Little Suckers

6 months

Framed Photo

What’s an easy way to remind her daily about how great you are or how great your time together has been? A framed couple photo of course. Plus, it’s basically DIY so they’ll appreciate the effort that went in. 

Framed Photo

Office Works

Byredo Candle

Congrats on reaching the six month mark. By now you should know her favourite scents. Impress her by remembering the aroma that calms her with a candle that isn’t overpowering. The Byredo candle ticks that box. 

Byredo Woods Candle


12 months

Aesop kit

Including a wide-range of cleansers and washes, this luxe gift-set will make your partner feel treated. Botanical scents are becoming more and more popular, so you can be rest assured that this will be a hit with anyone. 

Aesop Kit


Savage x Fenty

By now, you should have a good idea of what kind of lingerie she’s into. You should also be at the stage where it’s okay for you to pick out something for her. Really, it’s a win-win for you. She’ll appreciate the new threads and you get to see her looking and feeling confident and sexy. 



3 years

Apple AirPods

When you’ve reached the three year mark, practicality is romantic. Flowers and chocolates definitely don’t cut the mustard, so get her something that she can appreciate every day. AirPods also fit into that ideal price bracket: enough spent to show you care but not enough to have her expecting the world next time. 

Apple Airpods


Petite Letter Necklace

Three years in, you’ve both put in the hard yards while also at the point where it’s either going the distance or deciding she’s not the one. If it’s the former, now’s a great time to splurge on something that will remind her just how great you are. Simplistic yet sophisticated jewellery is always a winner, especially if you’re not too sure of her personal style.  

Petite Letter Necklace


Cocoon Pearl Earrings In Gold

I’m told everyone in the office is wearing these. Guaranteed winner from all accounts. Again, they’re simple and they won’t encroach on her look. 

Cocoon Pearl Earrings

The Undone

Ovolove Package by Ovolo Hotels

Ovolove combines a weekend getaway while exploring your kinky side. If your relationship has reached the stage where your comfortable with exploring each other’s wild side, this is a perfect fit. 



5 years

Nespresso Machine

Deep into the relationship (or hopefully marriage), gift-giving is all about practicality and making your significant other’s life easier (it shows you truly care). As you settle down with your own place, your focus should start to shift to decor. You know what most people love? Waking up with a good coffee. This is the simple solution. 

Nespresso VertuoPlus Black


Nikon Coolpix B600

“Let’s make more memories together,” she often tells you. If travelling is on the cards, it might be time to invest in a solid camera that will help her capture both the scenery and your time spent together. Photos on digital cameras can also be easily transferred to your computer and be used to create a photo book (hint: there’s your next Valentine’s Day gift sorted).

Nikon Coolpix 8600


LE LABO Santal 33

Want to know what will make her smile? A fancy AF perfume that she’d never actually treat herself to but secretly wants. This one might be exxy on the price tag, but at this stage of the relationship, it’s probably what you’re expected to cough up. 

LE LABO Santal 33


10 years+

Aquabumps Artwork

Do you ever entertain guests or sit around the rumpus room and perhaps your friends or kids ask you about a certain piece of art or memorabilia? Chances are your wife is quick to let them know you gave them that for Valentine’s Day and she’s usually pretty proud for it. Non-perishables are the best kind of gifts, especially with little maintenance required. Can’t go wrong with the ocean-inspired Aquabumps.

Aquabumps artwork


Endota Spa Treatment

If she’s stressed out from life-admin or the kids, now is the time to step in. Set her up with a day at the spa to help untie those knots in her back or release the tension from her shoulders. Happy wife, happy life, isn’t that how it goes?

Endota Spa Treatment


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