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Here’s What Women Really Think of Your Tattoos, Piercings, and Man Buns

We’re not saying looks are the most important thing, but when it comes to initial attraction, your man bun or full tattoo sleeve certainly don’t go unnoticed.

And to see how various body modifications affect a woman’s perception of you, Ellipticalreviews.com asked 2,600 people what they thought. Here’s what they found out.

If you’re a normal looking dude—short hair, no tattoos or piercings—you really don’t have much to worry about. A majority of women, 76 percent to be exact, have nothing but a positive reaction, saying they see you as trendy, kind, and down-to-earth.

When it comes to your ink, it really just depends on location. Almost 52 percent of women dig your sleeve, 25 percent don’t really care either way, and 23 percent aren’t huge fans. According to the survey, women see guys with sleeves as honest and kind, but also a little bit intimidating.

However, if you have any tattoos on your face, your attraction level decreases significantly. About half the women surveyed had a negative response. But don’t worry too much if you’re a guy with a facial tat, though. Nearly 30 percent of women do find them attractive, so chances are you’ll meet one of them someday. Besides, if you like it, that’s all that matters, right? (Plus, in a recent survey, only 4 percent of men have regretted getting one there.)

If you have any piercings, like a lip ring, nose ring, or gauge, unfortunately the odds are not really in your favor, with 48 percent, 61 percent, and 50 percent of women, respectively, finding them unattractive. You might come off a little attention-seeking, according to the women surveyed.

Just Tattoo Of Us

Just Tattoo Of Us

There has been controversy surrounding man buns ever since they became popular, and as it turns out, there are more women—51 percent—who are anti-man bun. Twenty-five percent of women are neutral about them, and only 23 percent think they look good. But hey, if celebrities like Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Chris Hemsworth have rocked them, there’s no reason you can’t too.

If you have a combo of two or more of these modifications, only 11 percent of women have a positive reaction to your look. Eighteen percent are neutral, and an overwhelming 70 percent don’t prefer these body modifications.

But guys, don’t let these results force you into chopping all your hair off and taking out those gauges you love. Just do you, and you’ll find the right partner. We promise

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