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Half Of All Women Secretly Wish Their Partners Would Stop Doing This In Bed

Whether you managed to pick up at the bar or you’ve just started sleeping together, you want to make sure this isn’t the last time you see her. Unfortunately, most of us do what 50 per cent of women hate in bed. 

A study out of the UK has found that women secretly wish their partners would stop snoring.

Hotel chain Jurys Inn surveyed couples to find out their nocturnal pet hates. 

More than half those surveyed admitted they weren’t fans of their partner’s chainsaw-like snoring.

“With around one in every four people suffering from snoring, we wanted to see what impact this was having on not only the people themselves, but on their loved ones,” says a Jurys Inn spokesperson.

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“Lots of the admissions we received were very emotional, some even slightly aggressive, highlighting how something as simple as snoring can cause major conflict in relationships.”

Meanwhile, almost one third of the study participants had another gripe: they were losing sleep from their partner hogging the blankets.

In Australia, 33-45 per cent of adults suffer from poor sleep quality. Almost two in five women admitted snoring forced them to sleep in different rooms, while three in ten women said their partner’s sleeping habits caused arguments. 

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