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What Your Car Says About You

Forget what you eat – you are what you drive.


“People think of cars as extensions of themselves and their personalities,” says Jon Linkov, deputy auto editor for Consumer Reports.  


When you’re shopping for a vehicle, you’re looking for a ride that fits the three dimensions of your “self concept”: who you think you are, who you want to be, and how you’d like others to see you, says behavioural psychologist Dr Joseph Sirgy, a professor at Virginia Tech. 


Those three dimensions combine to nudge you toward one car or another – whether that means buying a Porsche to impress, or a used Volvo to prove you’re responsible.


We pored over tons of reports from YouGov, a global technology and market research firm that conducts surveys and collects consumer behaviour data on more than 200,000 people. Their findings reveal traits, behaviours, and beliefs that buyers of certain brands are more likely to exhibit than the average person.


Here are the insanely detailed results. Do you see yourself in your car?


You’re a Millennial, you live in a city – most likely on one of the coasts.

You work in consulting or advertising, and you really like Coldplay, Rihanna, and potato-leek soup. (Yes, the surveys really do get this weirdly specific.) 

You watch a lot of TV – 46 to 50 hours a week – and read The Australian. You invest in risky stocks, and consider yourself a sharp dresser. 

You also think of yourself as active and daring, and you’re prone to daydreaming.


You think of yourself as friendly but direct, and you work in building or construction. You own a dog, and you’re either a Gen X’er or a Baby Boomer. 

You love football, beers, and sausages, and you don’t care much about “looking young” or “feeling attractive.”

You turn up the radio for AC/DC and Van Helen, and you like getting your hands dirty gardening or fishing. 

You prefer to buy Australian and love to shop at Lowes.


You’re probably a Gen X’er, and you likely work in logistics or transportation. You love Indian food, guacamole, footy and soccer. 

Your friends are important to you, and so is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You like to think of yourself as spontaneous.

You shop at Roger David and the Apple store, you love the movie Wall Street, and Kevin Hart cracks you up. You like to keep up to date with the latest news and watch a ton of sports.


You’re a Millennial who works in education or health care. But you prefer to spend your free time outdoors, visiting parks and historical places. 

If you’re not a parent already, you can’t wait to have kids – and you think science is cool. Maybe your future children will appreciate it, too. 

You feel satisfied with your life, but you also think you spend too much time online. You wear Nike apparel and shop at Target, and you wish The Office was still on TV. 


Compared to other drivers, you’re more likely to think of yourself as dependable.  

There’s a good chance you’re older than 65, and you enjoy a good salad or beef casserole. You also love going to the movies. 

Football usually dominates your weekends, and you’d probably admit you go too long between haircuts. 

You’re sincere and forgiving, but you can also be hyperactive and clingy. 

You spend a lot of time online each week – 36 to 40 hours – and you spend even more time watching TV.


You consider yourself knowledgeable. You’re likely under 30, and you work in accounting or architecture. 

You feel strongly that foreign-made cars are higher quality, and you’re more likely than other people to have a fish for a pet. 

You care about current fashions, and you like going to trendy bars and restaurants. You exercise more than most people, and you dread the thought of going bald more than any other driver surveyed. 

You’re into Miley Cyrus. 


You put a big emphasis on staying fit and active, and you’re either a Gen X’er or a Baby Boomer. Your hobbies include golfing and playing the share market. 

You enjoy exotic food, and you buy your groceries at farmer’s markets.

You really enjoy some you time laying on the couch – although you spend twice as much time online as you do watching TV. 

You would never drive an ugly car, and you gravitate toward premium products and services.


Compared to other drivers, you think of yourself as analytical and sensible. You live in a city, work in banking or finance, and you’re older than 65. 

You enjoy eating sushi, attending sporting events, and golfing. You couldn’t live without a GPS in your car, and you think public transportation is gross.  

You think it’s important to look young and feel attractive. 

You’re a big fan of Starbucks and Costco, you tend to watch premium channels, and you think Beyoncé rules. (She does.) 


You think of yourself as imaginative, and you feel strongly that electric cars are the way of the future. You’re happy to catch a bus or train if that’s an option, and you care about the environment. 

You’re a Gen X’er, and you work in a creative or design-focused profession. You like reading, visiting art galleries, and devouring Mexican food.

You shop for organic food and you can’t imagine a day without music. You like watching the news, though you hardly ever watch TV. 

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