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What Your Size Says About Your Sex Life

In the movies, the leading man’s always a head taller than the heroine.

But does the same apply in real life?

Well, sorry short-arse, but it seems it does.

According to research published in the journal Experimental Psychology, women really do prefer taller guys.

Men who stood between 187-192cm had accumulated, on average, a little over 12 sexual partners.

This figure drops in direct proportion to men’s stature, however, with guys clocking in between 157-162cm averaging just nine sexual partners.

Worried your diminutive size is holding you back? Don’t be too concerned, Zac Efron only stands 173cm while legendary lothario Hugh Hefner clocks in at a middling 175cm.

Still not convinced? Mastering this simple trick will make you better at sex. Promise.

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