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Rejoice: Red Wine Decreases Risk Of Prostate Cancer By 12%

While you might want to pair your red with a sirloin steak or your white with seafood, you might be surprised to find out your doing more good than satisfying your tastebuds. 

new study has shown that drinking red wine decreases the risk of prostate cancer in men by 12 per cent (did somebody say superfood?) Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for white, proving to increase your chance by 26 per cent. 

Previous research has shown that red wine could slow down ageing among other benefits

A team from the University of Vienna examined 18 studies that explored the effect on prostates in men from drinking wine – investigating 611.000 patients. They concluded that red wine was associated with a cut in the risk of prostate cancer in men while white wine dramatically increased your chances by more than a quarter. 

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Researchers put down their findings due to red wine containing around 10 times more of the antioxidant polyphenols than white.

“It has already been shown that polyphenols, which are predominantly found in red wine, can have a protective effect in other diseases and other types of cancer,” says Lead author Professor, Shahrokh Shariat, from the University of Vienna.

For the study, researchers defined moderate consumption as one glass of wine a day.

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