Why You’re Literally Wasting Money on Protein Supplements | Men's Health Magazine Australia

Why You’re Literally Wasting Money on Protein Supplements | Men’s Health Magazine Australia

When trying to stack on size, consuming excess protein is the fast track to gaining muscle, right?




While ensuring you consume an adequate amount of protein every day is crucial to muscle growth, shovelling in more than you need won’t lead to bigger muscles.


A University of Texas study found your muscles can only absorb between 25-35 grams of protein in one sitting – any more will either turn to fat or end up in the toilet.


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Meanwhile, a new study from the University of Stirling in Scotland suggests that the amount of protein you should consume post-workout depends on the intensity of a workout and not on the size of the person.


The study split up group of males by their body weight and had them participate in a resistance training session. After exercising, one group consumed 20g of whey protein while the second group consumed 40g.


The researchers found that regardless of size, their bodies had the exact same reaction.


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“This difference suggests the amount of muscle worked in a single session has a bigger impact on the amount of protein needed afterwards, than the amount of muscle in the body,” says Kevin Kipton, professor of sport, health and exercise science at the University of Stirling.


Considering how expensive supplements are these days, make sure you aren’t scooping needless amounts of protein into your post workout shake.


It’ll either go straight to your bum – or straight out of it.

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