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Will.I.Am On The Power Of Going Plant-Based

He’s known for producing beats, but Will.I.Am is now making a name for himself as a plant-based foodie, having given his diet an overhaul and experienced a radical difference in the process. Now, the rapper and producer is spreading the word about the benefits of going vegan, and he’s even seeking to launch a vegan CBD brand in the process.

The former Black Eyed Peas star ditched animal products back in 2017 after a visit to the doctor prompted a lifestyle change. He found that his cholesterol and blood pressure was lower and weight loss soon followed. “The cholesterol is down but it runs in the family, and diabetes,” said Will.i.am. “So I want to get it under control now so I don’t have to worry about it later on.”

After embarking on the four-year vegan journey, Will.i.am says he’s removed all animal products from his diet and seen the transformative power of doing so. In an interview with The Evening Standard, he explained: “Once you’ve cleaned your body out of all the toxins, you don’t have any cravings…What I crave now is juice.”

He added, “I’ve always worked out but when you work out and eat right it’s a totally different realm. Not that I’m trying to build muscle and get all swoll. I just wanted to tone up.”

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