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Woman Jailed For Screaming Death Threats, Narrating Her Sex For Two Years

Well this is pretty horrid.

A woman from Pennsylvania has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after she terrorised her neighbours with sex that shook their house for the last two years.

Amanda Warfel, 25, was sentenced to 45 to 90 days in prison, but she remains behind bars for previous offences.

Neighbour Tanya Saylor who shares a bedroom wall wth her two teenage daughters said Warfel had made their life a living hell.

Warfel continuously played loud music, shouted racial slurs and engaged in sex which only got louder after complaints that made their teenage neighbours feel like they were on a porn set.



“No child should ever feel like they’re in a porno every night,” Saylor told the Indy Star. “All while being threatened at the same time!”

Warfel’s abuse often continued up until 3am, which prompted her disgruntled neighbours to purchase headphones they could use to drown out the sound at night – though to no avail.

What makes this even more disgusting is that all this was going on while Saylor’s eldest daughter was quarantined in her room for 10 days to receive radiation treatment after being diagnosed with cancer. 

During that time, Warfel had ‘non-stop sex’ and shouted through the walls calling Saylor’s daughters ‘n***as’ and ‘monkeys’, also offering them bananas. 

Warfel was eventually arrested ‘due to the persistent nature of her actions’ and remains behind bars for a previous charge of drunk driving. 

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