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Woman Who Married Herself Cheats On Herself

Being cheated on is heartbreaking. Every inch of your trust in someone is broken. But honestly, the team here is not sure what to think about this one.

A woman who married herself (yes, you read that correctly) back in 2015 has cheated on herself. And she took to live television to speak of her ordeal.

Thirty-seven-year-old Sophie Tanner married herself in 2015. The Brighton, England resident is a Sologamist – someone who chooses to live life solo and wed themselves.

But a little over two years later, Tanner broke her own heart. She ‘cheated’ on herself with polyamorist Ruari Barrett (a polyamorist is someone who has multiple romantic partners). 

Speaking on breakfast TV, Tanner denied her strange wedding choice stops her from seeing anyone else: “It doesn’t mean you’re rejecting all other meaningful relationships in your life and becoming a nun forever more. It means your rejecting bad relationships.”

And that’s where it all fell apart. The fact that Ruari Barrett had multiple sexual partners meant he and Tanner split after just six months. Tanner decided she deserved better and in hindsight saw her relationship with Barrett as having been ‘unfaithful’ to herself. 

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