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Women Are Sharing The Hottest Things Their Partners Have Ever Said To Them

Sure, you might have all the right moves in bed but what’s a love-making session without a bit of dirty talk? Unfortunately, your choice of words might not always hit the mark.

But if you want to foolproof your sex-talk game, take notes from the women of Reddit who have shared the hottest things guys have said to them, both during hanky panky and while lounging around.   

“Whispering ‘I love you’ in my ear during sex, bonus points if he is smiling or has that closed-eyes-feels-good face while saying it.

I’ve been through some shitty stuff so I’m not a fan of a lot of domination-y or possessive things like a lot of these comments are, but goddamn if he is tender and sweet and gentle and whispers that in my ear it gets me man, it really gets me. gives me shivers. Damn I can’t wait to get home from work now.”- Hypothetical-Hawk

“While fingering me, I started cumming and he looked me in the eyes with the fuck yeah kind of face and said ‘there it is’ and daaaaaamnnnnn” – JayTDogzzone

“‘why do you feel so perfect in my arms’ as he pulled me in closer.” – cranialcavityy

“I love it when they take your clothes off and just exclaim ‘oh my god’ as if the sight of your naked body is enough to make them cum.” – AperolSpritzzz

“My boyfriend and I were messing around for the first time and my top was off and I was rubbing myself in front of him. He looked at me and said, ‘[my name], you’re my fucking fantasy.’ I still get shivers.” – red_velvet00

“We were snuggling in the dark, post-coitus, and he was feeling my face with his hands and, half-asleep, whispered, ‘Even if I was a blind man, I could tell how beautiful you are.’ STILL gets me shivery, always will.” – ophel1a_

“My husband will come up behind me when I’m doing something like washing dishes, wrap his arms around my waist and nuzzle my neck and say ‘That ass is mine tonight’ with that sexy voice of his then grab my butt. 10 years later, we still got the heat.” – Ripley825

“My boyfriend came back from work once and I had really missed him for some reason. I greeted him with a kiss which led to a make out session. He then stepped back, looked at me on the bed and said ‘I’m sorry but I have to fuck you now’ it was so hot” – dondraperssecretary

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