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World-Class Body Builder Ryan Terry On Bulking During Lockdown

As a Mr Olympia competitor and USN athlete, there are certain things you expect of Ryan Terry. Size? Yes, absolutely. Unwavering dedication to fitness? Sure. But even with all these expectations surrounding him, Terry somehow manages to defy the odds and your preconceived notions about him. He stands larger-than-life, something akin to a real-life superhero, a Marvel character only without the complex CGI and padded costume because, let’s be real, Terry needs no help with looking buff. The man is a walking advertisement to fitness and optimal health. 

But while most found lockdown to be a huge obstacle to their fitness goals, Terry somehow excelled. He didn’t sit around idly but instead used the time – and equipment he had at his disposal – to bulk up. It’s an impressive feat, particularly when you consider the huge blow 2020 dealt to his own goals, a year that was meant to see him compete at the Arnold Classic, then The Rock’s Athleticon followed by the Men’s Physique category at the Mr Olympia 2020 competition in Las Vegas. 

In a recent interview with GQ UK, Terry shared just how much work bodybuilding is, demystifying the stereotype that some hold whereby standing and flexing isn’t seen as too arduous a task. “The way I am programmed is to make myself accountable each day and having a regimented routine. The leaner I am, the more confident I can be in myself. Even with work and with family life, I just seem to function better,” he told the publication. 

“You have to be selfish with your food, with your sleeping, your training, all that has to come first in that kind of lifestyle. So no matter how thoughtful you are, bodybuilding is a very selfish sport. You must surround yourself with a good network of people who understand that. Fortunately I have got an amazing wife and support network that wide-berth me for the last three weeks before an event.”

Speaking about the fear of losing muscle mass during lockdown, Terry explained: “A lot of people may have heard the term ‘muscle memory’, but if you have trained for a certain amount of time and then stop for a while, yes, you may lose that initial fullness in your muscles. But the moment you start training again your body realises you’re getting back into your routine, and that your gains will fill back up to normal and a lot quicker.”

For Terry then, lockdown hasn’t been something to bemoan. “During this pandemic something just clicked and I realised I’m doing it all for the wrong reasons. I got into bodybuilding because I enjoyed it and I wanted to build my self-confidence. I do it for me first, not sponsors or titles or other people.”

It’s a story that Terry tells with great authenticity, and one perhaps we can all take to heart. still. It doesn’t hurt that the man has shared a home leg workout that we can do anytime, any where. Keep in mind, the man does have a home gym, but he still has tips for those wanting to workout at home. 

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