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Would You Pay $2500 To Get Into This Exclusive Sex Party?

The intimate lives of celebrities and socialites are subject to endless speculation in our culture, as these vaunted public figures often become not only objects of our fascination, but also our fantasies. However, an exclusive, Los Angeles-based sex party is giving any interested applicant the (albeit, quite small) chance to potentially rub shoulders—and then some—with famous members of our society.

The name of the party is Snctm, and it’s making its way from the West Coast over to the Hamptons this summer, on August 5. However, as Page Six reports, gaining entry to this gathering will be neither easy nor cheap. Male members of the club are expected to pay $2475 per party (or $1980 if you bring a female guest), and the guest list is limited to just 99 people. But based on the description from club owner Damon Lawner, the experience seems to be worth the price tag, and the wait.

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“Guests have to be masked when they enter the party; men wear tuxes and women wear elegant gowns or lingerie; but after midnight, masks and other items of clothing fall off,” he says. “The first few hours are about mystique and intrigue. This is not a sex party—it is erotic theatre. We have performances. Some just watch while others want to indulge.”

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Given that thousands of people have already applied for entry, it will no doubt be difficult to secure a pass to this particular shindig. But it bears repeating that having sex in front of strangers is something that everyone should experience. As our writer Meagan Drillinger explained in June, making love in a public setting like this can lead to incredibly hot sex, and greater confidence in your sexual identity and interests.

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