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Xavier Rudd Shares His Tips On Mindfulness

Xavier Rudd is a rare musician who’s diverse and acclaimed career is going from strength to strength, since the debut and release of his first album in 2002. His influence is seen far beyond Australia’s shores, cementing his place as one of our greatest artists, activists and exports. With multiple platinum selling albums, ARIA nominations, and sky-rocketing Dutch and European recognition, Xavier’s music is synonymous with messages of global unity, acceptance and mindfulness.
Using his platform as a great entertainer to spread these messages further, Xavier has fronted a series of mindful podcasts lauched by lululemon, the athletica brand known for their mindfulness and yoga practices. In the podcast series, Xavier guides listerners through Breathed in Connectedness, sharing his gift and mindful practices.

MH were lucky enough to chat exclusively with Mr Rudd about mindfulness and what it means to him.

What is it about meditation that you love and how does it impact your life? 
Meditation is not a huge part of my life in a traditional sense, but I do have the ability to drop into that space if I need to bring the present up front when necessary. The most routine meditation in my life has always been playing yidaki (didgeridoo), it’s another ancient way of intense breathing that brings you back to the present. I’ve always had a strong connection with it since I was a little boy. 

When and why did you start incorporating mindfulness into your life? Like meditation? 
There was no real time for me, I feel like it was something I was always conscious of and as I’ve moved through life I’ve gravitated towards this way of life. 

Tell us about your decision to work with lululemon ahead of their ‘Breathe It All In’ campaign and why it resonated with you? 
Promoting a culture of mindfulness or becoming more aware of the intricacies of ones mind is extremely important in today’s society.

How and why do you think mindfulness and practices like meditation are only now becoming really valued and popular in the Australian culture? 
I would have thought that these practices have been around in Australia for a long time. Our aboriginal culture is basically built on mindfulness and the idea of present moment equality among all species. The fact that more people are finding this path through things like yoga will only help people to really understand some of the old ways better, which always leads to positive progression. 

What other ways do you ‘Breathe It All In’ aside from your meditation practices? 
I like to run, surf and stay active. When my heart beats strong it inspires me and music seems to come through me. 

Created to remind you to take a pause this festive season, the lululemon ‘Breathe It All In’ podcasts are available on Spotify and iTunes and www.lululemon.com.au.

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