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The Viral Workout Hack That Eliminates All Excuses For Not Working Out

Don’t have enough time for a workout? Well, lucky for you, trainer Luke Zocchi has a solution for you, and it’s actually pretty doable no matter how hectic your schedule.

“Everywhere I go I hear the same problem that people want to get into shape but don’t have the time,” said Zocchi on Instagram. Sound familiar? “We all live busy lives and it isn’t easy so try this next week to get you started.”

Zocchi then goes on to explain how his new approach works. “With a work buddy I want you to do 20 squats [then] 20 push ups on the hour, every hour, for the duration of your working day. If this is too challenging for beginners lower the reps and do push ups on your knees.”

  • 20 push ups

  • 20 squats

That’s it. That will equal 90 seconds of work, and you just have to repeat that sequence every hour while you’re at work. Sure, you may get some funny looks from IT, but why not get them involved?

The workout technique is a great formalised version of the latest fitness trend for the time poor; fitness snacking. Essentially, instead of doing an hour long workout, you ‘snack’ on exercise, getting little bursts in when you can. This could mean a run up the stairs, squatting while brushing your teeth, or whipping out some push ups during the ad break.

If you’re doubting the method, don’t. Zocchi knows his stuff. After all, he’s the man responsible for whipping Chris Hemsworth into shape on a regular basis. In fact, his 20/20 movement seems to have been born while on tour with Hemsworth in India, presumably short on time and facilities to work out. On top of this, he’s just released a book, The A List Diet & Fitness Plan. Yeah, he’s a busy bloke.

In fact part of Zocchi’s mass appeal is his realistic approach to health and fitness, despite being tasked with some of the most incredible physical transformations in Hollywood history. In fact, it’s recently been reported that even with Hemsworth, Zocchi has been known to train for 20 quality minutes per day.

However even though Zocchi’s 20/20 hack is going to help you reach your movement goals, don’t be fooled, it will take a little more work to pack on Thor-sized muscle. For that kind of pump, you’ll need to follow one of Zocchi’s arm blaster workouts.

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