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3 Celebrity Hairstyles You Should Steal

If you had the chance to look like Ryan Reynolds, Orlando Bloom, or Usher, would you?

Yeah, same. 

Luckily, we’ve enlisted the help of celebrity groomers Losi (one name, like Cher) and Diana Schmidtke to help you steal the looks of these three Men’s Health cover stars. 

Here’s what to tell your own hairstylist to get the perfect cut and how to style it at home.


If you have thick, course hair – a recipe for stubborn cowlicks – this hairstyle is perfect for you. 

The cut is tightly tapered – not faded (a fade is shorter and more dramatic, like LeBron’s) – on the sides and back. Leaving it longer on top allows you to wear it casually mussed-up, parted on either side, or straight, like Reynolds. 

For the messy look, swipe a smear (less is more) of hair paste onto your fingers and then go wild ruffling throughout nearly dry hair. After, redirect individual pieces as you like.

For a side part, towel dry, then comb the hair to whichever side your prefer. After it’s totally dry, apply the paste and comb it again to lock it in place.

Struggling to nail a clean part? Here’s Losi’s trick: Place your index finger along where you want the part to be, and use your other hand to comb away from that finger. 

To get the straight look that Reynolds wears on our cover, grab a blow dryer and use your fingers as a comb to pull your hair up. When finished drying, apply a small amount of paste while once again pulling the strands up with your fingers.


Before he chopped his hair and bleached it blonde, Bloom ruled the soft curl game thanks to haircuts from Losi.

The trick is to keep your hair almost all one length. 

Tell your hairstylist to trim at the end of the hair shaft. Layers and cutting too close to the root will cause the hairstyle to expand as it grows, giving you a not-so-charming pyramid shape. We’re looking at you, Carrot Top.  

At home, towel dry your hair, then mix a dab of hair cream and a dime-sized amount of gel. Finger comb it through your hair, starting at the crown, down to the sides, and rub the rest all over. Allow to air dry. 


Sorry, guys – if you don’t have coarse, dense curls, you wouldn’t be able to achieve Usher’s cover look here. 

For those who can, hit up your trusty barber and ask for a faded cut that is tight and tapered in the back, but at least an inch long at the top. Then, grab a sponge – no, really. 

Specifically, a curl sponge, which is designed to create tighter, more uniform curls. The divots on the sponge catch and separate strands to perfect curls, Schmidtke says. Think of it like twisting a piece of hair with your fingers over and over again until it stays that way.

To use it: Wash your hair and allow it to air dry until it feels only a little damp. Take a coin-sized amount of product (pomade for high shine, or clay for a matte finish), mix it in your hands, and run it through your hair with your fingers. 

Grab the sponge and lightly run it over your hair in either clockwise or counter-clockwise motions – not both. Pressing too hard (or switching up directions) will make your hair fuzzy, Schmidtke says.

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