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4 Grooming Hacks Every Guy Should Know

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Every man wants to look good, but with life short enough as it is – who wants to spend longer than necessary in a bloody bathroom? “Not me!” we hear you say.

A few easy to implement grooming hacks can have you streamlining your morning routine, so you can spend more time doing… well… the things you’d rather be doing.

Learning the tricks of the trade comes with time spent doing said activity, and guys simply don’t spend enough time in the bathroom to become grooming gurus. So let us guide you with these four handy grooming hacks for looking your best.

1\ Kiss Better With Help From Your Toothbrush 

Before a date, every guy focuses on brushing their teeth and scrubbing their tongue in anticipation of that late night hook-up. But if she doesn’t want to use her tongue just yet, what’s left? Your lips.

What’s the point in having minty breath if you’re kissing her with a set of sandpaper smackers? Simply rubbing a toothbrush over your lips (make sure you wash it afterwards!) is a great way to remove any unwanted dead skin. Your lips will be smooth as a baby’s bum and ready for action.

2\ Shave After You Shower

There’s nothing better than getting all your grooming out of the way – teeth-brushing, ear-cleaning, eyebrow-plucking – before hopping into a hot, relaxing shower. But shaving after you shower gives you a smoother, far closer shave, as the steam softens your whiskers and opens up your skin follicles.

However, this only applies if you’re using a quality razor. Men’s Health recommends the new Gillette Fusion ProShield. The Fusion ProShield features Gillette’s sharpest, finest blades for incredible comfort and closeness, while shielding your skin from irritation with the added benefit of a ProShield lubrication Bar, before and after the blades.


3\ Ditch The Cotton Buds – Use Olive Oil Instead

You must think we’re mad to recommend you put olive oil anywhere other than a fry pan, but hear us out. Your current go-to item – cotton buds – is putting you in a lot of danger. They are simply not made for ear exploration, and a wrong slip could see you end up with permanent ear damage.

When utilised correctly, olive oil lubricates your ears and loosens wax so it falls out on its own. Here’s how to do it: heat a small amount of olive oil in a saucepan to room temperature, then with the help of an eyedropper, pop a couple of drops into each ear while keeping your head tilted to one side. Drop in some warm water afterwards to help remove the impending ball of wax.

Unappealing, yes, but effective.

4\ Use Vaseline – Yes, Vaseline – To Smell Better For Longer

If the olive oil hack didn’t make you think we’re totally mad, this one just might. Vaseline is occlusive, meaning it holds substances – like cologne and deodorant – closer to the skin. This means your sexy scent will last longer if you spray it onto Vaseline rather than dry skin.

Rub small amounts (we’re talking a fingertip, not a handful) onto both wrists and the sides of your neck before spritzing yourself in cologne. This will ensure you will smell sexier for longer, avoiding the dreaded B.O.

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