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4 Tips For Sticking To Your New Years Resolutions

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As we roll into the New Year after weeks of festive season excess, to begin on our health and fitness resolutions, it can be quite challenging for some to maintain this good start to the year. More often than none, we stick to our resolutions for the first few weeks, only to see them reneged by mid-January.

If you’re up for the challenge in 2023 but need that little bit of support, health coach and Whirlpool ambassador Scott Gooding has some top tips that will keep you on track!

Set achievable goals

The sole key to succeeding with your resolutions is to make them attainable and achievable. There’s no sense in setting yourself up for failure by instilling unrealistic expectations on yourself, as this is the first step toward giving up on your goals. Too many of us throw up our hands and think we’ve failed if we don’t meet the goals we set for ourselves, so setting small, achievable milestones throughout your journey will help keep you on track. Striving for the best of your ability is the reward and having attainable goals will lead to success. 

Get back on the horse 

It’s admirable and inspiring to be intent on making improvements in your health from January 1, so be sure to prepare yourself to fall off the wagon every now and then. At the end of the day, we’re all human so it’s key to not let the temporary slip up completely derail you. Prepare your mind to avoid the voice in the back of your head saying, “all the good work is now undone so I might as well give up”. Simply make the next decision around your lifestyle, food or health and jump back on the wagon. 

Chuck out the cold turkey

 Just as the New Year is synonymous with resolutions, Christmas goes together with excess. This is a time for family, friends, BBQs, parties and work do’s, which is usually peppered with overconsumption of alcohol and sugary foods. Both ignite our reward system and leave us coming back for more, so it’s fair to say that after this period, you may have an increased tolerance for these foods and drinks. With that in mind, factor this into your resolutions and don’t go cold turkey. I strongly advise a softer approach and encourage you to make smaller changes over a longer period. Swap the block of chocolate for this healthy version to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Food is the answer

If you want to see positive changes in your health, then remember that nutrition is the answer, not exercise. You can’t out-train a bad diet, but you can attain great health, immunity and be at your optimal weight through the form of real food. Get back to basics with whole foods, fresh ingredients and get creative in the kitchen!

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