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4 Ways to Set Yourself Up For the Ultimate Summer

The silly season is more or less already here, and the nights and weekends are only going to get busier from here until New Years (or Australia Day for those seasoned partiers). Summer can be a hectic time treading the fine balance of social engagements, sport viewing, and nursing hangovers. We want to help you get ahead of the rush, setting you up for a next level Summer. Get ahead of the game and prepare yourself with these Men’s Health pointers. 

Gym Membership

Setting yourself up at a good gym this summer can open you up to all kinds of benefits. There’s the obvious plus of sculpting your summer rig for long days at the beach, and the associated health improvements. However you can also set up a solid social scene by joining a gym with a thriving culture.
Use your off-time to broaden your network, at the time that you broaden your shoulders. 

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Get Your Streaming Sorted

Summer means some much needed down time, so make sure you set yourself up with some quality viewing. Just in time for the silly season, Foxtel has launched their Foxtel Now box. The beauty of this box is the variety of entertainment available in the one neat package, perfect to have at the touch of your fingers. You can have your movies, TV shows, YouTube, free to air shows, and sport all in one place. Our tip: We’ve heard it’s best to get in quick as the first two months of Foxtel Now are free with the $99 box*.

Summer Wardrobe

It seems every new season requires a wardrobe makeover but fortunately MH Style expert, Jeff Lack, has all the Summer tips and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to reimagine previous years’ trends! Jeff’s top tips for this summer are to pair prints with linens. This goes for shirts and shorts, so go bold and choose an out there set of swimming trunks that can pair nicely with a plain t-shirt.

Go in depth with Jeff’s top Summer Picks here. 



Expand the Family

No, not with a baby (unless you’re expecting… then congratulations!). We’re suggesting adopting a new best friend from either the RSPCA or your local rescue shelter. Adopting a rescue pet not only saves a life, but can have huge health benefits for you, the owner. Living with a dog provides you with huge incentives to get moving, so find a pup that you can walk with every day and will push you towards your health goals. There’s also the added social benefits of having a loyal companion, not to mention a guaranteed increase in female attention! 

*2 months free Foxtel Now only available to customers who purchase direct from Foxtel’s website. Requires internet connection. Data charges may apply. Offer ends 31.01.2018. New Foxtel Now customers: $104/mth from 3rd mth unless you change your pack before end of first two mths. Existing Foxtel Now customers: offer takes effect within 48hrs and monthly fee after two mth offer period will revert back to your selected pack unless you make any changes during the offer period. ^Requires free-to-air aerial connected to Foxtel Now box.

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