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5 Common Weights-Room Myths – BUSTED

They may well be the kings of getting #huge but it’s worth taking what the #fitpros of the weights room say with a pinch of whey. Here are 5 longstanding falsehoods…


“Can you feel it, bruh? That’s weakness leaving the body”

That searing spasm through your spine isn’t a sign your biceps are swole. “No effort, no gain is more correct,” says Stuart Phillips, professor of kinesiology at McMaster University. “Pain is not a prerequisite for growth. It’s after muscle damage subsides that true growth occurs.” Bulging neck veins aren’t a good look, either.


Sun Lee

Sun Lee


“Cardio? That’s a type of Spanish food, right?”

The link between cardio and catabolism
is overplayed. “Cardio can attenuate gains, but it won’t kill them,” says Phillips. “Many studies show incorporating endurance and resistance improves both fitness and strength.” Don’t let the treadmill have you running for the hills.


Thighs past parallel. Knees out. Drop it like it’s hot

While full range-of-motion is ostensibly “gainzy”, going past the point of no return will put your bum on the bench, not the floor. “Try as you might, you may not have the physical capability,” says strength and conditioning coach Tony Gentilcore.

Sun Lee

Sun Lee


“Sit-ups? Sit down!”

Who needs core work when the squat is the ultimate, bro-approved six-pack chiseller? Turns out we all do. “Just because you’re strong or have a big squat or deadlift, that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit,” says Gentilcore. “It could be your hip flexors or back muscles doing all the heavy lifting in the first place, so factor in five minutes of abs work at the
end of every session.” 
We call that crunch time.


“If you need me, I’ll be curling in the squat rack”

It’s time to let the machines rise again. “Despite evidence to the contrary, some continue to belittle machine-based exercises as having no functional relevance,” says 
Dr Brad Schoenfeld, director of human performance at Lehman College. Indeed, it’s a popular bro-ism: free weights or no weights at all. “Truth is, machines can help target individual muscles.” Add into a full-body routine to micromanage your goals.

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