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Quarter-Life Crisis Is Real For Millennials, Finds Study

Growing up, you probably dreamt of owning a big family home, raising a happy family and having a successful career. After your schooling years, you think the world is your oyster and everything will fall into place. But once you leave University and embark on a life outside of the comforts of your own home, you realise bills are a thing and the job market is competitive. And for six out of ten millennials, however, a quarter-life crisis is far too real. 

According to new research carried out by First Direct bank and psychologist Dr Oliver Robinson, a large proportion of people aged 25 to 35 are struggling to cope with the pressures of growing up in our current economic climate. 

Examining 2000 participants, the study found that finance was the biggest cause, accounting for more than half of quarter-life crisis sufferers. While bills are the biggest source of stress, the job market quickly followed accounting for a quarter of millennials although trying to find a place to live and relationship goals also added pressure. 

Notably, on average, most of us ‘hit rock bottom’ before ‘sorting our life out.’ 

“There’s two sides to a quarter-life crisis,” says Dr Robinson. “They’re often feared as periods of difficulty and distress, but in my experience they can also be times of openness, curiosity and growth.

“People may find old habits and coping mechanisms no longer help in the way they used to, and this can act as a spur to explore new ideas, new activities and new ways of overcoming life’s challenges.”

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