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The 8 Craziest Ways People Have Died During Sex

Death is a natural part of life. No matter how much we hate the thought of it, like taxes, it’s inevitable.

However as we (most of the time) can’t choose how we go, we just have to hope we go in the least painful way possible. While some of these stories sound pretty painful, hey, at least they can say they went out doing something they love. They probably wish they were a bit more careful, though.

1\ Leap of Love

In 2007, a couple from South Carolina fell to their deaths after having sex on the roof of an office building.

The bodies of Brent Tyler and Chelsea Tumbleston, both 21, were found by a taxi driver in the middle of an empty street at 5am.

The couple’s clothes were found on the roof of a nearby building, where authorities believe they fell mid-romp.

2\ Crushed By His Own Porn

The ones you love are often the ones that hurt you. This rings true for ‘Joji’, a 50-year-old Japanese man who was crushed to death by his six ton porn stash.

It’s unknown whether Joji died from a heart attack and then fell into the stack of porn, or whether his huge porn collection was what killed him. Cleaners found his body under a huge pile of pornos when they went to tidy his apartment.

3\ Eaten By A Lion

This is pretty grisly. A Zimbabwean news website reported that a couple were attacked by a lion after having sex in the bush in 2013. While the lion ate Sharia Mawera, her unidentified male partner managed to escape the scene uninjured wearing only a condom.

After notifying the police, they returned to the scene to find the women’s mauled remains.

4\ Death By Tits

A 51-year-old woman killed her partner after crushing him with her breasts. Donna Lange, 51, smothered her lover to death inside of a mobile home while intoxicated, and while she told police she didn’t know how he did, a witness (who the hell would be watching?) claimed he saw her crush him with her boobs.

5\ Marathon Sex Session All Too Much

In 2009, a Russian man died after completing a 12-hour orgy with his females friends who bet him he couldn’t have sex for half a day straight. Minutes after passing the 12-hour mark, Sergey Tuganov died of a heart attack caused by the huge amount of Viagra he consumed.

6\ Heart Attack At The Sperm Bank

Well this is just unfortunate. Looking to do a good deed, trainee doctor Zheng Gang died of a heart attack in 2011 after pushing himself a little too hard while producing a sample at a sperm bank.

His lifeless body was found 2 hours later inside of the booth at China’s Wuhan University, where he apparently had already visited four times that week.

7\ What A Cop Out

A cop died while having a threesome with his wife and another man in 2008. 31-year-old William Martinez’s widow then proceeded to sue her former husband’s doctor or not warning him against having sex.

How did she go? Oh, not bad. She won the court case and took him approximately $3 million dollars.

8\ Death By Nazi Roleplay

Simon Burley, 38, lost his life while taking part in a sick neo-Nazi roleplaying session with lover Elizabeth Hallam. 

Burley had a noose fitted around his neck while his lover played the role of a Nazi executioner, who was meant to ‘pretend hang’ him as part of the fantasy. When Burley hung himself, Hallam was meant to cut him down seconds after.

The only problem was that the knife she tried to use was blunt and unable to cut through the rope, leaving the man to suffocate to death in his own house.

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