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9 Delicious Things to Make With Avocado That Aren’t Guacamole

The avocado is really having a moment right now. It’s probably made its way to more mouths than toothbrushes. But we’ve had just about enough with smearing it on bread. We get it: avocado toast is amazing, but this super food has got so much more to offer. Here are some clever new ways to love the avocado in your life: 


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People often use applesauce instead of oil and butter in their recipes – why not try substituting with the healthy fat-filled avocado in your next baking adventure? This avocado-banana bread recipe from blogger Crazy for Crust is super moist and delicious, especially with those chocolate chips on top. 


Oil and vinegar is tired AF but ranch isn’t exactly a pillar of health. Enter avocado – it makes a killer base for a creamy dressing that’s full of healthy fats. We loved this vegan one from blogger and author Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows.

We can all agree cake is awesome. So are avocados. Obviously, the two should be pairing up a lot more often. Try using avocado as a dairy-free base for frosting, like in this recipe from Joy Bauer for vanilla avocado icing


Mashing avocado into your yolk mixture can add a whole new level of pop-in-your-mouth delightfulness to ordinary deviled eggs. This recipe from bloggerFamily Spice also includes wasabi for an extra kick of flavor.


Yes, avocados can give you a buzz and be part of your daily dose of potassium. Grab some tequila and find your inner mixologist with this avocado margarita recipe from Endless Simmer and get to serving. 


The cream in ice cream doesn’t have to be actual from-a-cow cream! Make a delicious dairy-free dessert that’s rocking some serious healthy fats. This concoction by Elephantastic Vegan doesn’t even require a fancy ice cream maker. 


Wipe away those tears of joy, fair maiden; it’s real—the combination of two of your favourite consumables. Check this incredible-looking recipe from bloggerTwo Peas and Their Pod


Need another excuse to eat pasta? Garlic, pine nuts, basil and good ole’ avocado make for a hella savory combo. This avocado pesto from the Instagram of chef Jimena Parales looks straight-up divine.


Save the pit from your avocados and bring a new plant to life on your very own turf. Why? To have MORE avocados on-demand!

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