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This Fitness Hack Will Give You A Workout… Without Working Out

If there’s one person that can make anything look stylish it’s Zac Efron. Yes, even with his new found affinity for dreadlocks. But in this particular case, he’s not alone, and supported by another unlikely source of inspiration. Enter Selena Gomez. Bear with us.

Both Efron and Gomez have been spotted recently wearing a pair of ankle weights, and we’re on board.

This weekend, 25-year-old Gomez was pictured rocking her new white sneakers and shiny, teal ankle weights.

As mentioned, Zac Efron is also big fan of the hack, often seen with his trainer wearing the bizarre, but useful, accessory whilst hitting a trail or two.

This retro workout hack is a pretty easy way to up the intensity of low impact exercises by burning calories and building muscle at the same time. So we can imagine Selena was working up a bit of a sweat with a big day of walking all over an amusement park.

However, experts say there are some risks involved – ankle weights could increase your chance of injury as they can strain the ankle joint and leg muscles. If you’re new to exercise, keep the weight low and the workout short and increasingly build up for best results. 

A version of this article originally appeared on Women’s Health.

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