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Ben Simmons Was Roasted For This Major Gym Faux Pas

Nothing gets the blood boiling quite like waiting for the bench press while some bloke swipes through Tinder or snaps a selfie. Yep, a few things are non-negotiable when it comes to gym etiquette and it turns out even A-listers like Ben Simmons aren’t exempt.

The 76s star has copped a bit of flack for a recent Instagram post in which he’s pictured using his phone betweens sets.

One fan called out the gym sin commenting, “Get off the phone bro.. got work to do ????????”

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ben simmons on phone at gym

Instagram / @bensimmons

The 23-year-old responded to explain his offensive behaviour, saying: “Man I had to switch the playlist.”

A small study published in Computers in Human Behaviour and Performance Enhancement & Health found that texting during exercise significantly impacts postural stability, worsening it by 45 percent, compared to no cell phone use. Researchers say this can increase your risk of musculoskeletal injuries. However, using your phone to listen to music was found to have no notable effect, so Simmons, we might let this one slide…

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