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Brad Pitt’s Quarantine Cut Is A Thing Of Beauty

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and Brad Pitt ageing like a fine wine.

The Ad Astra star has been through the wringer these past few years. His marriage broke up and his ex Angelina Jolie brutally (and publicly) fought for custody of their six kids. Still, as a 56-year-old single man, he’s never looked better – especially after a couple of months of unchecked growth (even Hollywood’s elite are still stuck in isolation.)

Just check out the video he recently took to congratulate the 2020 graduating class at Missouri State University:

The slicked-back, neck-length locks he rocked at the Oscars earlier this year has morphed into more of a Sandy Cohen-inspired ‘dad bob.’ See the resemblance?

His excellent goatee also deserves a mention. So silver, so 90’s, so neatly styled…

Yup, while the rest of us are busy hiding our unkempt mops under beanies and baseball caps, Brad is on social media god-damn dominating.

Lads, if you ever needed an excuse to quit the clippers, consider this it.

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