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Check Your Pockets Immediately – Your $1 Coin Might Be Worth $1000

Stop what you’re doing and check your pockets, check your wallet, check behind the bed and under the car seat, because rare $1 coins made in the year 2000 are now worth $1000, sometimes more.

The coins we’re referring to, otherwise known as the ‘$1/10c mule’, are particularly special due to their distinctive double rim on the Queen-head side of the coin as a result of a printing error at the Royal Australian Mint, according to the Australian Coin Collecting Blog.

Don’t believe us? Check out this coin currently on eBay going for whopping $8,500. Hell, if you had that kind of money you’d be a millionaire!

What exactly went wrong in the manufacturing process to give these coins such a hefty price tag?

“The observe of some of the 2000 $1 dollar coins had been minted using the Australian 10 cent observe die by mistake,” the ACCB explains.

“With just a 1.4 millimetre difference in diameter between the 10 cent and $1 coin the error went unnoticed, and the legendary 2000 $1 ‘mule’ was released into the wild.”

The ACCB conceded that the ultimate value of a coin would be decided by the buyer, so if you’re hoping to snag an $8k sale you might be waiting a while. But here’s some motivation to keep you going: this coin sold for $1,500 earlier this month.

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