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Chris Pratt Is Back With #whatsmysnack

Chris Pratt, the star of some of Hollywood’s biggest action blockbusters, is back on Instagram sharing his famous #whatsmysnack updates to his followers. For those who missed the series of hilarious episodes in 2017, Chris shares his prepared snacks, highlighting the strict diet regimes he is required to adhere to in order to achieve his ripped physique.

While the short videos are a total joke, with Chris hamming up the dramatics over his tiny portion sizes, they do provide great insight for those wanting to get in Galaxy Guarding-shape. Hollywood approved snacks consist of sashimi, olive and pistachio cake, and… an apple. It turns out Pratt is just like us when it comes to clean eating, looking tired and expressing his hunger while struggling with the difficulty of dieting.

In the latest update, Pratt is back with his trademark segment, showing a finished lamb and spinach salad which doesn’t sound too bad to us.
Check out a few highlights from #whatsmysnack below, and keep an eye out for even more snack ideas, approved by the man tasked with reviving Jurassic Park.

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