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5 Sloppy Style Mistakes You Don’t Realise You’re Making

Scoring a date or starting a new job is exciting. But you know what can undo all your hard work? Not looking the part. So heed the advice of personal stylist Marvin Osifo and avoid these common mistakes. 

Wearing ill fitting clothing 

Buying off the rack might seem more convenient but unfortunately it shows. 

“Nothing looks better than a tailored suit, period,” says Osifo. 

“Wearing a suit that is too long or too baggy can make even the most expensive pieces look cheap, so take your suit to a tailor before race day and get ready to look a million dollars.”

Not abiding by the dress code 

When it comes to more formal events, no one wants to stick out like a sore thumb. Occasions like the Melbourne Cup require serious thought in your outfit and that includes reading the room. 

“The Australian Turf Club upholds a high standard of racing attire from general admission to the members stands. When planning your outfit, ensure you have looked into the dress code and all your items will be accepted – you don’t want to be the only person not allowed into the venue or look too underdressed. “


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Over accessorising 

Accessories are a nice touch and if you’re all about flaunting, it’s usually a good opportunity to show off your class. But overdoing it can cause your look to fall apart. 

“Try focusing on one or two accessories, such as a stunning pair of cuff links or a classic pair of suspenders, and seamlessly working them into your outfit,” Osifo continues.  

Buttoning up your jacket all the way down

Sure, your jacket may fly everywhere or loose material may get caught on sharp objects. But unfortunately, doing up all the buttons isn’t the right solution, stylistically speaking that is. 

“Your outfit will look stiff and unflattering,” Osifo adds. 

“As most suit jackets are tailored with the assumption the bottom button will not be fastened, it is best follow this advice to keep your outfit looking sharp. “

Wearing dress shoes that have collapsed toes 

Think no one’s taking notice of your shoes? Think again. Chances are it’s the first place their eyes are drawn to. Apart from colour co-ordination and a good polish job, women are also paying close attention to how distressed they are and sorry, worn out Dunlops won’t cut it at a formal function. 

“Dress shoes that have a collapsed toe simply do not look good and will bring down your entire outfit. It is worth investing in a durable pair of leather dress shoes for your special occasions. “

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