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Constipated Man Puts a Live, 20-Inch Eel Up His Anus, Doesn’t End Well

It’s not what most general practitioners expect to see at work, but Chinese doctors have had to deal with the unusual circumstance of a constipated man with a live eel inserted up his anus. 

According to an article published by The Sun, following the advice of his friends and a traditional folk remedy, the man from South China inserted the eel and immediately began experiencing abdominal pains. Too embarrassed to tell doctors of his rather shameful experiment to rid himself of constipation, he left out the crucial fact that there was something tingling up his bum hole.

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After the slippery sucker was removed, doctors finally asked the man how the eel made its way up his buttocks. Digging himself deeper and deeper, the man originally suggested it “swam up by itself” before ultimately admitting his mistakes, telling the doctors his friends recommended the ancient cure that would help clear up his blockade.

We’d love to report that this story had a happy ending, but it really didn’t: the animal managed to rip through his intestines, “almost killing him.”

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If your friends told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it? No. But if they told you to shove a live eel up your rear end, apparently some would. The man’s willingness is probably more concerning than the lack of fibre in his diet.

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