Beer Can Help You Sink Your Midweek Anxiety, Says Science | Men's Health Magazine Australia

Cure Hump-Day Blues With This Sweet, Sweet Comfort

After a long day spent placating unreasonable clients and dealing with theinterminabletaskof ‘lifeadmin’, switching off in the evening can feel like one job too many. If only there were an elixir that could drown out the noise.

Well, in news that will please any man whose idea of fun is a little saucier than kicking back with a cuppa, it transpires a craft IPA can get the job done just as well as any mug of chamomile.

Now, if you’re thinking that downing a pint of the amber fluid to quiet your nerves is hardly a novel strategy, it’s worth pointing out that these effects are not attributed to intoxication. In a study by the University of Extremadura in Spain, stressed shift workers were given 330ml of non-alcoholic beer every evening for a fortnight. As well as reporting significant decreases in anxiety, the study group also noted improved sleep quality.

The scientists concluded that the hops in beer raise levels of the inhibitory brain chemical GABA, a deficiency of which can lead you to feel overwhelmed, anxious and distracted. In short, it gives your cognitive engine a cooling-off period. Of course, no post-work beer is complete without an accompanying bar snack, in which case we would advocate the customary bag of salted nuts. Magnesium-rich cashews, in particular, will further calm your farm.

Admittedly, you won’t develop the ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey, as a few pints of premium strength are wont to give you. But no matter – you’ll still benefit from the gift of the GABA.

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