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5 Smart Ways to Deal With Thinning Hair

Just like wrinkles and dark spots, baldness is something that is synonymous with ageing. Some of the hottest celebs like Vin Diesel, The Rock and Jason Statham have chosen to shave their heads to disguise their thinning hair, but if you’re not ready to take the plunge, here five solutions for fuller-looking hair.

1. Try a new haircut

One way to instantly hide thinning hair is by choosing a haircut that’s right for your head shape. It’s much easier to spot bald patches in a neat style like a crewcut, than a mussed-up version like ‘The Adam’ (aka Adam Levine), where hair is longer at the top of the head than the sides.

2. Boost volume

The quickest way to fake fuller-looking hair is by adding lots of volume to your roots. Enter Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Root Lift Backcomb Powder – a finely-milled product that melts into hair once applied, transforming any flat ‘do into one brimming with life.

3. Blow-dry for more

When your hair is still damp from the shower, grab a towel and pat dry as much of the moisture as possible. Follow with a brush like Brushworx Styler Porcupine Teasing Brush and work it from your roots to the tip with a medium heat hairdryer, in light, upward strokes. Anything hotter than a medium heat setting will just scorch your strands and weaken the hair follicle, not to mention burn the sensitive skin on your head.

4. Improve the health of your hair

It’s also a good idea to invest in a good quality product that’ll boost the health of your hair in the long run. L’Oréal Professionnel Volumetry Root Spray has a special formula that fills each strand from the cortex, making it look and feel more dense, and ultimately reversing the signs of thinning hair. As for oily roots? The added salicylic acid will fix this right up – just like when it’s applied to your facial skin, this ingredient soaks up excess sebum and banishes build-up, making way for a healthier scalp.

5. Go for a supplement

Have you considered adding a supplement to your diet? Something like Viviscal Man Supplement contain flaxseed and special marine extracts that work to reverse the effects of the male sex hormone that causes hair follicles to shrink. The tablets fall on the pricier side of the scale but it’s a good option to keep in mind when all else fails.

This article was originally published on BeautyCrew.com.au

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