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Dear Dads

They’re the adventurers, the joke tellers and the bear huggers. We love them because of their freestyle way of parenting, the way they can turn cardboard boxes into rockets and for the awesome shoulder rides that they give.

Let’s hear it for the dads!

This Father’s Day the Men’s Health team and our friends at Stockland are giving us an insight into all things fatherhood – the highs and the lows – through a series of heart-warming letters. From the single dads, new dads and stepdads, the dads who were awesome to those who were absent, this Father’s Day, we are celebrating them all!

Men's Health have written a series of heart-warming Father's Day letters


An open letter to the new dad:

“Happy Father’s Day, and welcome to fatherhood. You’re going to love it here.

Adjusting to this life in which you are no longer at the centre will take some getting used to. You are responsible for caring for this tiny, defenceless creature who depends on you for everything. You probably won’t have a more important or challenging task in your life. Lack of sleep is obviously tough, but you’ll adjust to that faster than you think. The most challenging thing, though, will be trying to balance anxiety about their welfare – should they really be jumping up and down on the couch with a hairdryer in their hand? – with the desire for them to discover the world and take the risks they need to grow. That’s a hard balance to strike. Let me say this, new dad. You have to go into fatherhood with your mind and your heart open…”

Ben Jhoty, deputy editor at Men’s Health, father to a 20-month-old daughter.

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Read all about the special love that comes from being a dad – as our gift to you this Father’s Day.

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