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Should You Use A Dirty Joke For A Pick Up Line?

Spotting an incredible attractive girl at the bar is the easy part, but approaching her? You’re going to need a whole lot of liquid confidence for that one. Your first words are crucial and now new research has delved into whether you should keep it PG or MA15+.

According to a study published in the journal Personality women who open to casual sex were more likely to find dirty jokes funnier.

However, generally, women preferred clean humour. 

Scientists found that dirty humour immediately sexualised the conversation and that explains why it would lead to more casual sex.

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During the investigation, researchers gathered 100 men and women and had them rate the dirtiness and funniness of 50 jokes sources from around the web. 

The team then created fake profiles of men which included a clean or dirty joke.

The women were then tasked with rating each man based on his attractiveness as a long-term partner – potentially marry – and short term-partners – someone they might casually hook-up with.  

Interestingly, profiles which included clean jokes were seen as more attractive for both long and short-term relationships.  However, If a woman saw the male as an attractive short-term option, she was more likely to appreciate the dirty humour. 

Researchers then followed up with 150 new volunteers. Additionally, the participants also completed the Sociosexual Orientation Index (SOI) – a survey that measures the want for and attitude towards uncommitted sex. 

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Results showed that women who ranked highly on the SOI reacted positively to dirty jokes.  

So if you’re looking for the love of your life, it might be best to keep the raunchy humour away from the bar.

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