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Worst. News. Ever. Dogs Are Reportedly Making People Sick

We’re going to file this story in the ‘We Wish We Never Read This’ folder. It’s right up there, on par with that rumour about Santa not being real.

By some cruel twist of nature, it’s been reported that a previously unknown risk can be posed by man’s best friend. According to the news from the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians, an infection called Brucella canis can be spread to humans through handling.

People who contract the infection are reported to experience fever, muscle pain, fatigue and migraines, with a higher risk posed to the elderly, children, and pregnant women.

Originally believed to only be spread through livestock, Brucella canis is a condition found in unneutered dogs, passed from dog to dog through the sharing of mucus, including most bodily excretions.

Doggos affected by Brucella canis experience infertility, birthing complications and possible wasting away of the testicles, with some cases reporting damange to the brain, spine and kidneys. Experts are advising dog owners to neuter their pups in order to protect both dog and owner from contracting any form of illness.

To avoid ending your MH experience on a low note, there are definitely studies that report the many benefits of owning a dog. In order to restore your faith in the world after this sad news, give this important good news story a read before heading back to your schedule.

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