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Strongman Eddie Hall Just Broke A CrossFit World Record

Taking to his YouTube Video, Hall shared the epic attempt that was more of a side act to the reason he was there. 

Hall made an appearance at the CrossFit European Championships to meet and greet fans. Instead of hanging around his booth for photo opportunities, the 32-year-old agreed to attempt a new world record for the sport’s Grace workout – completing 30 clean and jerks with 60kg as quickly as possible – the previous record was 59 seconds.

However, a late change saw him attempt the Isabel –  a similar workout with relaxed requirements for technique – instead contestants just have to move the weight from the ground to overhead 30 times. Former Men’s Health Cover Star Rich Froning held the record – a time of 1 minute and 20 seconds, although unofficially, 53 seconds. 

Hall stepped up to the plate and the strongman proved he could transfer his strength from his traditional method of lifting, shattering the record with a time of 50.9 seconds. 

After the impressive effort, Hall admitted he was struggled with the intensity of lifting constantly for nearly a minute. “Doesn’t count if you die,” he joked while trying to catch his breath. 

Once he recovered, Hall then celebrated by treating onlookers to a few sets of walking handstands, although staff had to help the 165kg giant with his balance. 

The Brit unofficially retired from the sport, telling fans” “Big respect to the CrossFitters, it’s a lot harder than people make out.

“They get slagged off left right and centre on social media, but I can tell you now looking at these guys competing today, I genuinely believe it’s got to be one of the hardest sports on the planet to train for and compete in. So that’s me out to CrossFit.”

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