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Eternals Star Kumail Nanjiani Is Still Absolutely Swole

It was the talk of 2019, a transformation that proved so shocking, it even stole the headlines from Trump and Kanye West which, it needs be said, is no easy task. When Kumail Nanjiani showed off his muscular bod, the world united in collective awe. Here was a man we’d known for his comedic wit and charismatic charm, suddenly appearing with the kind of ripped torso and bulging biceps that could rival Chris Hemsworth. The transformation was for Nanjiani’s upcoming Marvel flick, Eternals, and though most suspected that like any other actor having to bulk for a role Nanjiani would go back to his ways post-production, it appears the actor instead got hooked on a lifestyle of health and wellness. 

Recent updates from the actor’s pals and a muscular shot of Nanjiani post-gym session in LA seem to suggest that this transformation has stuck. A year on since gracing the cover of Men’s Health US, the actor seems to have even surpassed what many thought was his peak. He looks even more swole than before. 

As fans will know, this transformation didn’t come easily. Nanjiani revealed that he came close to vomiting and disassociating to make it through some particularly challenging sessions early on in his fitness journey. Slowly though, he adapted to a new mindset to “chase the pain” of the training, and soon even considered himself a muscle-building junkie. He started to use electric stimulation techniques to try to eke more gains out of his workouts, too. 

But with filming finished, you could forgive Nanjiani for relaxing his workout regime. Heck, he’s in the middle of a global pandemic – the man’s only human after all. But it seems he has instead opted to double-down on his training, and even told Men’s Health: “This is a key time to establish how it’s going to be going forward. Because it could very easily go back to how things were. And I can’t do that.”

Rob McElhenney, a friend of the actor’s, told Men’s Health that he noticed Nanjiani sticking to his hard-training regimen. “It’s funny, I was just talking to Kumail, who’s a good friend and who got in fucking insane shape for this Marvel movie, and I keep seeing him on Instagram and he’s not really going back to normal Kumail.”

He added, “I was like, ‘You’re going to have a tough time going back, aren’t you? He said yes.”

Safe to say, the man is continuing to put in the work and for that, we can only admire him. Whatever the season, whatever the filming schedule, it seems one thing you can rely on is that Nanjiani will continue to be swole.

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